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Free 2024 Rates Planner

Never miss an event again!

Serviced Accommodation Hosts

Never miss an event again with our large A2 Rates Planner. Custom designed for the Serviced Accommodation Host to map out all the local, regional and national events.

• Research and add in all the events
• Plan your off-peak, standard, peak and super-peak rates
• Craft special offers to fill your empty periods
• Large A2 size to pop on your wall
• Your whole year at a glance
• Record your occupancy

We are super excited to share our 2024 Rates Planner special offer. We normally reserve this for the Pillow team, our franchisees and Hosts, but this year we have decided to make it available TOTALLY FREE! We have printed extra copies to give to the first lucky 50 Hosts in the UK.

Get your Rate Planner

Simply fill out the form and get your rate planner.