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5 Reasons to Choose a UK Staycation!

Staycation is a word we have heard non-stop since the start of the pandemic.  A staycation, or a holi-stay, is when holidaymakers choose to holiday in their surrounding areas, i.e the UK, and not venture off somewhere that they typically would. During the COVID19 pandemic a staycation was one of our limited holiday options, now this is the chosen option for many people. We were given the opportunity to see how great the UK really is. 

In this blog post we explore a few of the many reasons why you should choose a staycation.

Staycations are hassle-free

What is the worst part of a holiday? Many people will agree it’s the stress of travelling. With a staycation you avoid long plane rides, arranging transfers, flight delays and all the other taxing problems that can ruin a holiday.

There are stunning properties all over the UK that make for a stress free holiday. Check out our website to see where your next adventure will be.

Staycations save you money

Staying close to home for a holiday is undeniably a cheaper option than flying to another country. In these current times everyone is trying to save money where they can and traditional holidays are not a cheap option. 

A staycation will not break the bank and will leave you feeling like you got your money’s worth.

Staycations are kind to the planet

Each year planes emit a dangerous amount of Co2.  By choosing staycations you are reducing your carbon footprint and choosing the more environmentally friendly option.  

Why not take it a step further and choose a green staycation?

Staycations boost the local economy

Not only do staycations save you money, they also generate money for the local economy. Supporting local is more important than ever and booking a staycation is the perfect way to do this. When on holiday everything you do supports a business from buying souvenirs to eating out. 

It is a rewarding feeling knowing that your money is being pumped into the local economy where it will make a difference instead of fed to massive corporations.

You can bring your furry friend

Staycations mean that you can bring your furry friend on holiday with you. This saves arranging pet-sitters and means the whole family can enjoy quality time together, including those with four paws!

At Pillow we love our pets. We offer a large range of holiday homes that are pet friendly. 


So next time you are booking a holiday, why not consider a Staycation? There are so many locations to choose from and an abundance of amazing things to see and do just a short journey from your home.

Browse our amazing range of UK properties ideal for Staycations below. 

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